Mindful Mama Mentor

A healthy relationship with your children begins...

...with a healthy relationship to yourself.

You are a smart, passionate mama. You get a lot done. Now you're ready to rock this amazing adventure called motherhood.

But life with kiddos is challenging.

You get frustrated. You find yourself yelling at your kids. You're stressed and impatient.

Even worse, you find your parents' words coming out of your mouth (you swore you wouldn't be like that).

It's time to make a change.

You're ready to become calmer. More grounded.

You're ready for less stress and anxiety (amen!). And, yes, more ease would be awfully nice.

I'm Hunter Clarke-Fields, mindful mama mentor.

I want you to become more grounded and peaceful, to have joy and ease.

...but it goes much deeper than that.

It's my mission to transform harmful generational patterns.

Are you not valuing yourself, just like mom? Do you find Dad's anger coming out of you?

You're not alone.

And the good news is that you can change.

Heads up: You won't find any bedtime hacks here.

Instead, you will learn the inner work of parenting. You'll find real tools to create a lasting impact, not just for your kids, but for generations to come.

As we create more peace for ourselves, we create more peace
for generations.

I invite you to take a look around here. Listen to the Mindful Mama Podcast. Read some blog posts. Connect with other mindful mamas in my Facebook group. And find out how we can work together.

"Hunter, you’ve changed my life. Don’t wait another day to see your children in a different light. Don’t wait another day to see yourself in a different light. Hunter teaches simple practical ways you can have more peace in your life."
—Noel Uribe

To welcome you, I'm giving you a download, "The Mindful Parenting Roadmap," AND a quick video with the Top 2 BEST tools to stop yelling.

It's a quick and easy guide. Click below to get it now:

Join the 24,000 others who've decided to shift for the better!

And once, again... Welcome dear soul. I can't wait to connect with you.

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